Friday, July 16, 2010

Hummingbirds in Sepia

Welcome to my new blog Photo Serene. This is where I will post new photographs and speak a bit about the whys and wherefores of my photography.

I am an amateur photographer, yet I am not fearful of exploring new techniques and camera settings. My desire is to try all photographic genres and styles, all the while keeping a keen eye to lighting and composition. I am not a painter, so I am trying to be creative with my photography...perhaps I can paint with my lens ;-)

I am an amateur birder...birds are a favorite subject in my photography. I have just started this summer to try and photograph Hummingbirds. These photographs are some of my first attempts to capture them in flight. The equipment used: Nikon D-80; Sigma 50-500mm lens; 1/250 - 1/640 Shutter Speed; f 6.0-6.3


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  1. Amazing! I spent a good portion of last Sunday trying to catch butterflies (with the camera) at Zilker Park. I got a few shots, but nothing to right home about. These are really impressive! Kat