Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photo Contest Entries

I am planning to submit five of these six photographs for an upcoming local area amateur photo contest. Let me know your favorite, and which five you would pick...or the one you would not...BTW, double click on a picture to enlarge.

Peace and blessings


  1. Jeff---If given a choice, I would eliminate the photo of the cyclist and the kid from your set of submissions. It just doesn't wow me. However, I am probably missing something, because I have no eye when it comes to taking great pictures (and sometimes my subjects end up with no heads!).

    I especially love the first and the last one. The picture of the horse is surreal...

  2. I think all of these are really competent and interesting photos. But if I had to choose I would also eliminate the one of the cyclist. All the others have strong lines and offer not only a view of the subject but some pattern interest and strong lines that add impact. The one of the cyclist, whilst still a good picture, seems more muddled and my eye flits around it.

  3. Your photos look so peaceful! Nice shots!